Cloud Storage replacing USB storage

Is Cloud Storage replacing USB storage ?

We won’t be wrong to that cloud storage is the future. It is something that may replace the entire race of USB drives. Why? Well, cloud storage provides you with an ample amount of storage space without having to maintain any physical device to carry your data. You may access your data stored in a cloud account (like photos, videos, audios, documents) using your ID and password. No need to carry any device like flash disks, USB drives, and other external drives.

Another reason for the discontinuity of USB drives are the viruses that corrupt these drives. These viruses not only destroy our drives but also make our data inaccessible to us. So there goes our data along with our USB drives. Anti-viruses do help in preventing such data loss but whenever we plug our drive into a public PC or any device that is infected, we get busted with tons of viruses that make us inaccessible to our own data.

The topmost names in the field of cloud storage include Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, and Box account. All of these accounts are a thing of beauty and are changing the entire trend in the field of data storage. These accounts are known for their convenience as any user can easily access his/her important documents with perfect convenience.

Is Cloud Storage all win-win option?

Now comes the time where we look at the bigger picture. Considering the convenience cloud storage offers, it is evitable that it would also have some drawbacks. The problem is more and more users are shifting to this data storage option and for this very reason, the attention is also being captured by the prying eyes.

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For this very reason, we go back to the Stone Age knowing these cloud accounts aren’t reliable. Such restrictions have always existed which limit us from reaching our full extreme potential and result in data thefts and data losses with the passage of time.


Solution – Cloud Secure:

But with every problem, there exists an equal solution. There exists a software that goes by the name ‘Cloud Secure’ created exactly to tackle such a problem. The name itself is quite self-explanatory in understanding what it actually does.

It simply lets you protect what matters. Now you can store all your personal data including files, photos, audios, videos, documents, etc.  The best part about this program is that it lets you use multiple cloud accounts (Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, and Box account). So you can password protect google drive folders or Dropbox or any other cloud storage on the Go! Also, it lets you use a single password to protect and use multiple cloud accounts as mentioned loss by internet

Hence, we won’t be wrong to say that cloud storage would work exceptionally well if collaborated along with Cloud Secure. (Just to give you a heads-up)When you protect a file using Cloud Secure, the same file would be protected but would not be accessible from its previous location (for maximum security). Now you have the option of using multiple cloud accounts with an ample amount of storage space and no threats of data theft or data loss.

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