How to Download YouTube Videos in iPhone

Do you want to download YouTube videos on your iPhone? Well, if you are an iPhone user, you have already tried it several but could not able to find the right way to do the same then you have accessed the right webpage to put an end to all the worries regarding this.

Being an online directory of a large number of videos, the YouTube only provides the opportunity to watch videos on its website. The users are not entertained with any such specialized options to download YouTube videos directly to their iPhones. Being an iPhone user, if you subscribe to the dedicated service named YouTube Red, it will not allow you to save the videos directly to the device. You will get the opportunity to view the videos even after being online. To fix this problem, several soft developers have designed few dedicated software i.e. Youtube Downloader iPhone. You can also install iMessage on PC and Windows which will provide the opportunity to download YouTube videos and save the same on computer also.

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Here, we are going to discuss How to download YouTube videos in iPhone with the aid of Youtube Downloader iOS. Being designed by Readlle, the Document 5 is an amazing Youtube Downloader iPhone application which enables you to download YouTube videos without jail breaking the original operating system. Let’s have a quick over the entire method to download YouTube videos in the following:

  1. Installing Document 5:
    1. To install this application on your iPhone, you have to search the App store to find this app. You may get Document 5 or Document 6 application as the search result. Don’t be puzzled. Though he Document 6 is the updated version of the Document 5 application, therefore, preferring the latter version is recommended to experience the best performance of the Youtube Downloader iPhone.
    2. Just download the software by clicking on the ‘Download’ button present on the respective webpage of the mentioned application.
    3. After completion of the downloading process, just wait for the application to be successfully installed.
  2. Accessing Now, it’s time to launch the Document 5, Youtube Downloader iPhone. Just after launching the software, you will see the web browser. To access the website i.e., just type ‘’ on the address bar of the browser and click the correct result link.
  3. Finding YouTube Videos’ URL: Knowing the URL of the specific YouTube video is the primary motive to download the same by the Youtube Downloader iOS. This can be obtained mainly by two easy techniques which you may follow. The techniques are:
    1. Using the YouTube Video Downloader App:
      1. Just launch the specific Youtube Downloader iOS on your iPhone and search for the video which you want to download.
      2. As soon as you get the video as a search result, click on the video to start playing it. Most of the YouTube videos are preceded by advertisements. So, you have to wait for the starting of the original video after the completion of the entire advertisement.
      3. Now you have to access the dedicate control options which let you share the video which you are watching. For accessing those options, at first tap on the video and then click on the ‘Share’ icon which looks like an arrow pointing to the right-hand side. Now, you will get the option to copy the URL of the specific video.
    2. As an alternative to the above-mentioned step, you may access with the aid of the pre-installed Safari browser. Now search for the specific video which you want to download on your iPhone. After clicking on the video, you will find the URL link of that video present on the address bar of your browser. Copy the link from the address bar.
  4. Method to Download YouTube Videos: As you have already completed copying the URL link of the specific YouTube video, it’s the right time to proceed with the downloading process.
    1. To begin this downloading process, you have to return to the Document 5 application. After launching the application again, you will find a white box for pasting the URL link.
    2. To paste the link, just tap on the white box.
    3. Now, you will get the opportunity to see the video not only in different formats i.e. WEBM, MP4 & 3GP etc. but also in different resolutions i.e. 480p, 1280p, 720p etc. Choose the format as well as the resolution according to your necessity. (N.B. The video quality increases along with the increase in the resolution of the video.)
    4. To start downloading the video, just click on the green ‘Download’ button which is present on the user interface of the Document 5.
    5. By clicking on that, you will be asked to rename the video if you want and choose a specific folder where the video will be saved after the completion of the entire downloading process. By default, the application will choose ‘Downloads’ folder as the storage of downloaded videos.

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  1. Saving videos to camera roll of iPhone: After completion of the downloading process, you will find all the videos in the folder named ‘Downloads’. Now it’s up to you whether you want to save all of them in the camera roll of the iPhone. If you want to do the same, there’s no need to be worried. The process is pretty simple.1
    1. Just after getting navigated to the video, click on the edit option.
    2. Then click on the ‘Move’ option which needs to be followed by selecting the ‘Camera roll’ as the final destination of the videos. It’s all done.
    3. Just open the ‘Photos’ app on your iPhone. You will get the opportunity to access all the videos there.  

This is the most convenient method to download YouTube videos by using Youtube Downloader iPhone. Hope, you don’t have any doubt regarding How to download YouTube videos in iPhone. Simply follow the above-mentioned process step by step and you will be able to view all of your favourite anytime anywhere. If still you have any doubt or you are facing any problem while following those steps, feel free to comment below.

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