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Why Is McAfee Antivirus Not Working?

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Today Will Explain How to Fix Mcafee Antivirus Problems.

Mcafee Antivirus is Designed And Built to Keep Windows, Mac(Apple)  Android Devices Safe And Secure.

Why Is McAfee Antivirus Not Working? Read It

McAfee Antivirus which provides excellent protection to your Windows, Mac(Apple)  Android Devices and saves it from different types of viruses and malware.

McAfee being an old Antivirus from the days of Windows XP it seemed to be working fine. But many times due to some of the other issue many software fall into the problem and the same might occur with the security system of our PC, the McAfee Antivirus.

Such types of the problem might happen with anyone, and today we are going to discuss on why this types of problem occur with which we can ignore such cases and help our PC stay protected without any interruption.

Common Mcafee Antivirus Problems –

Issue 1- One of the most common causes of McAfee Antivirus not working on our PC is due to some disruption which is making the software to stop working.

Many times some malware which was already on the System might have blocked the McAfee Antivirus to stop and hence indeed stopping the protection of our PC, leading the PC to stay unprotected.

mcafee vs malware

To stop any such problem occurring is to install the McAfee antivirus just after a fresh install of Windows.

Issue 2- Another cause of such problem occurring is when we make some changes in some of the files of Windows, most likely after installing some Windows update.

Most of the times when we refresh the system, some of the primary data required for the McAfee to work properly gets deleted hence resulting into McAfee Antivirus not working.

When this type of scenario occurs, you simply have to either move back to the previous time, hence do System Restore to the last occasion when the McAfee Antivirus was working.

restore system to previous time

Issue 3- Sometimes it might occur when you are trying to install a Pirated software which leads to some problem. Because most of the time when we install a pirated software the keygen or cracker do some changes in the Registry of the system.

Then deletes the files which were stored just before the edit from the %temp% folder which even removes the backup of the Registry with which system can restore the corrupted part of the file, but as it was also removed, this leads to the McAfee virus to not work due to some registry change.

currupt documentory

Hence to stay protected from this, we must not use any pirated software and even doesn’t install some 3rd party fixes, i.e. install the fixes available and verified by Microsoft.

Quick Mcafee Antivirus Troubleshooting –

  • Restart Your Device Like Desktop, Laptop, Phone E.t.c
  • Try Uninstalling Mcafee Antivirus Using Mcafee Removal Tool. Click Here To Download  McAfee Antivirus Tool
  • Make Sure You Do Not Have Any other Antivirus Or Software That May Conflict With Your Antivirus.
  • Restart The Device And Now Try Installing The Mcafee Antivirus Protection Click Setup McAfee Antivirus
  • Once You Installed Your Antivirus Please Restart the System Again and Update the Antivirus Protection.

These were some of the reasons which we discussed due to which McAfee Antivirus might stop to work, so keep a note of these and See if all these Information Help you to Solve Your Antivirus Problem.

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