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VIPRE Advanced Security for Home Reviews

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The VIPRE antivirus brand was introduced by Florida-based ThreatTrack in 2008. Initially, they had worked on anti-spyware solutions, but have now come up with a range of products aimed at business and home users. The VIPRE Advanced Security is a consumer-oriented security program, which is a combination of antivirus, spam blocker, web filter, firewall, and basic privacy tools. This package can provide homeowners will all the essentials they need for protecting their home devices. The best part is that there is a 30-day trial version available for this program that can be downloaded from the website. You need to enter your email address, but no other additional information is needed 

Detect and Block Malware

This security program does a good job of detecting and blocking malware, which includes both known as well as newly discovered viruses. It scans attachments and emails, USB devices and instant messages to stop any threats from infecting the computer. The program also alerts you if you are trying to access a website that’s known to infect PCs so you don’t actually click through. Another benefit of this security program is that it doesn’t slow down your PC while running. However, it does take a while for some web pages and email attachments to fully load and some online games also slow down.


Other than blocking ransomware, spyware, viruses, Trojans, rootkits, and bots, the program also comes with a firewall that works along with the one provided by your operating system. This means that if something slips through your Windows firewall, VIPRE will be able to pick it up before it can attack your computer. The VIPRE Advanced Security program also comprises of anti-phishing and spam filtering tools for ensuring your identity doesn’t get compromised. Social Watch is one of the best tools available in VIPRE as it scans all information that may attempt to infect your computer through social media sites. You can get VIPRE here.

This is of the utmost importance because it can be incredibly easy for malware, viruses and other threats to simply piggyback on links, news stories, games, images, and videos shared via social media. While parental control is not available with VIPRE Advanced Security, you do have the option of blocking websites by making changes to your privacy settings and selecting security levels, similar to the security settings you find on your internet browser. One downside is that it doesn’t have safe banking tools or a password manager. But, the good thing is that VIPRE offers its clients 24/7 live tech support through the telephone.

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There are also other support tools such as the user community and FAQs on the website that can really come in handy. The user portal also allows you to take advantage of chat support. Furthermore, the installation and setup are also quick and straightforward and the program doesn’t cause any problems or take up much space. In a nutshell, VIPRE Advanced Security is an excellent option for homeowners who are looking for a program to cover the essentials of internet security at a reasonable price and without much hassle.

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